Business Continuity Services Summary

Sapphire specializes in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning and activation projects. The DR experts at Sapphire will work with you and your leadership to identify needs such as hardware, licensing, and procedures to plan and manage the project to satisfy your Epic Business Continuity and Honor Roll Requirements.

We work hand in hand with your leadership and your engineers to plan and execute a Cache cutover. We incorporate software we built in-house to automate the cutover of your Cache database to happen in as little as 6 minutes and 9 seconds. Our services also include configuration of GSLB to enable automated failover of your Epic client systems servers.

Cache Failover and Scripting

We use software built in-house to run on any Linux or AIX machine to automate the process of activating the DR environment in case of disaster. This software is already in use by our clients and in one occasion it enabled us to record a cutover time of the Cache environment of 6 minutes and 9 seconds. This represents a significant savings over the Epic recommended target cutover duration of one hour. More importantly, our methods significantly reduce the potential of user error. We rely on this same software to cutover systems from AIX to Red Hat with minimal service interruption to end users.

Epic Honor Roll and Business Continuity Review

More and more organizations are applying for Epic’s Honor Roll program to be recognized as one of the top members of Epic’s community. Successful attestation can unlock savings of $200,000+ for your organization. We help you get there.

Our experience on all things Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity will help you take care of Epic’s infrastructure requirements. From architecture, to organizing and performing a DR activation to creating the necessary documentation of your processes, we have your back in getting your business continuity requirements met.

GSLB For Epic Client Systems

Utilizing Citrix GSLB, we can load balance the DNS service that represents your critical server groups. With this, your system will be able to tolerate the failure of a single server, single Netscaler, or even an entire datacenter. Even better, this can all be done automatically!

Cloud Based DR Solution

Many organizations may have a DR plan, but do not have the resources necessary to implement their needs in a location that is physically separate. We have the expertise needed to provide your organization with a geographically distinct DR solution utilizing Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud technology. Utilizing our experience, your organization can be protected against the failures associated with a single physical location while easing future organizational deployments to the cloud.

How We Do It

Let our team of experts guide your strategy and help you implement the best practices for a resilient system. We integrate across all the areas you need to consider to develop a real DR solution.

Discover and Plan

Early on our focus is on kicking off the project the right way. We want to understand your system, the business requirements that ultimately drive your DR solution, get to know your team, and establish a project cadence.

Design and Prepare

After learning everything we need to know about your system during the Discover and Plan phase, we put pen to paper and begin creating a solution design for you. Our designs consider all the areas that matter for true business resiliency: Cache, Citrix, client systems, GSLB, external interfaces, operational readiness and even the communication strategy. Then, we get to work implementing it all.


At this point we will have implemented our design, the only two things left are lots of testing and then your production DR activation. Before the night of your production DR activation we will make sure any deficiencies found while testing are addressed.


After every project we take time to evaluate the results, document successes, failures and lessons learned. From these we extract any action plans to address existing deficiencies. Finally, we begin the process of transitioning knowledge and make sure your team is ready to be a leader in business continuity for your organization.

Dayton Children’s

At Dayton Children’s we designed and built an Active/Active dual datacenter client systems infrastructure. Utilizing Citrix Application Delivery Controllers and Global Server Load Balancing, this design is fully redundant at every layer. With this technology, the infrastructure will automatically failover following the loss of individual applications or even the loss of an entire Citrix ADC HA pair. The complete failover of all client systems is achieved with a simple DNS switch to point to the DR Cache database.

To facilitate comfort and readiness to perform a DR cutover, we designed and implemented a custom Python script to guide and assist the ODBA during a DR event.  Rigorous testing and customer driven updates enabled us to tailor the process to Dayton Children’s personnel and engender confidence when deciding to activate the DR system.

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