We design, plan and build Citrix infrastructure for presenting Epic and other healthcare applications. We consider special workflows like Epic secure workflow, Epic roaming, Citrix integration with Imprivata for instant access and NetScaler configuration for flexible and robust load-balancing. We also have experience deploying application’s to Citrix Cloud for an additional layer of redundancy in the event of disaster.


We work with our customers to design and implement authentication solutions for their clinicians. By building solutions on top of Imprivata’s Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) we can architect quick, secure and efficient authentication processes for clinicians with broad support for different thin and zero-clients and integration with Epic roaming. The Secure Clinical Workflow can save providers an average of 45 minutes per shift, per day (according to Imprivata research) and help organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

GSLB For Epic Client Systems

Utilizing Citrix GSLB, we can load balance the DNS service that represents your critical server groups. With this, your system will be able to tolerate the failure of a single server, single Netscaler, or even an entire datacenter. Even better, this can all be done automatically!

Maximizing Value of the GLSB

Gracefully remove services for maintenance during live production from 1 server to an entire datacenter

Automate load balancing and failover

Put DR datacenter resources to use instead of letting the infrastructure sit idle until its really needed

Optimize multi-site deployment by intelligently sending traffic to the closest resource instead of a primary / secondary model

Cloud Based DR Solution

Many organizations may have a DR plan, but do not have the resources necessary to implement their needs in a location that is physically separate. We have the expertise needed to provide your organization with a geographically distinct DR solution utilizing Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud technology. Utilizing our experience, your organization can be protected against the failures associated with a single physical location while easing future organizational deployments to the cloud.

Epic in the cloud

Sapphire has leading-edge experience placing Epic environments in Microsoft Azure. Moving your Epic infrastructure to Azure allows for flexible scalability, decreased capital expenditures and an extra layer of redundancy, all while utilizing the latest processors. We work to create Epic in Azure solutions on three different scales:

Full Infrastructure in Azure

Customers who fit the scale profile of Azure can move their entire Epic infrastructure to the cloud. This provides access to the inherent flexibility, reduced capital expenses, and improved efficiency provided by Azure. At the same time, your organization will be able to increase end user happiness by consistently utilizing the latest hardware to provide the best possible performance.

Disaster Recovery in Azure

A Disaster Recovery (DR) environment in Azure gives your organization access to a physical separate data center along with the cost and scalability benefits of cloud computing. Additionally, your team will gain expertise and confidence in managing Epic resources in Azure.

Partial Deployment to Azure

Organizations may opt to deploy certain pieces of their Production or DR Epic Infrastructure in Azure that connect back to other on-premise servers. This provides a stepping stone to future migration of additional services to Azure. Your team will be able to meet the most pressing needs in a lower risk situation while simultaneously positioning for the future.

Citrix SD-WAN

Healthcare providers can’t wait for network problems to be resolved to meet patient care needs. Sapphire Health understands the necessity of a properly functioning network and that implementing new technologies and network equipment should be minimally impactful to the operations of the healthcare system. We work side-by-side with our clients to implement a robust SD-WAN to improve hospital and cloud-based network performance.

A properly designed SD-WAN delivers:

  • Improved Reliability
  • Increased Redundancy
  • Better Performance
  • Increased Throughput
  • Heightened Security
  • Traffic Prioritization
  • Application Visibility
  • Traffic Prioritization

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