So, you want to move your Epic instance to Red Hat Linux to modernize your system? Let us help you get there faster with less risk.

Our team has decades of experience working with Linux and Epic.

We build modern, scalable Linux platforms according to best practices and help you navigate all the complexity of this Epic platform migration. That includes:

  • Environment and storage layout
  • License advisory
  • Server configuration and deployment
  • Update management through Red Hat Satellite
  • Transparent cutovers to minimize disruption to your end users and your business
  • Future proofing strategies for leveraging Cloud resources to run Epic Cache environments

As a healthcare specialty certified Red Hat partner, we love everything Epic and Linux. We even wrote scripts to automate environment cutovers so that your Epic Cache database can cut over in as little as 6 minutes and 9 seconds of technical downtime.

Cost Savings

InterSystems is releasing their new platform, Iris, to replace Cache. As this platform becomes a target platform for Epic, and in the spirit of driving adoption, there is a one-time fee waiver for all customers converting their platform-specific Cache licenses into platform-independent Iris licenses.  If you’ve been considering a switch from AIX Unix to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, there is no better time.

This amounts to huge potential savings in platform conversion fees for organizations switching from AIX to Red Hat. Sapphire can help you navigate licensing and procurement to make these savings easy for your organization

Experience & Execution

We get it.  Platform migrations aren’t something you do willy-nilly.  It’s also not something you do every day or more than once, unless you specialize in it like us. Our focus and experience doing Epic platform migration to Red Hat from AIX, means we execute faster, cleaner, and with far less risk. Partner with our experienced and quirky technical team to ensure a successful expected outcome.

We know your pain; we administer Epic server systems on AIX and Red Hat Linux day in and day out. We have supported more than 10 organizations through 6 go-lives and migrated 30+ Epic environments from AIX to Red Hat.

We will help you join the 50+% of Epic customers who have moved over from AIX to Red Hat Linux as their Epic platform of the future. Our proven platform migration plan will guarantee that you can go from kickoff to cutting over your production Epic environment in as little as 3 months or as long as 18 months, adjusted for your schedule requirements.  Along the way; build a modern, reliable and robust Linux architecture.

Cloud Readiness & Epic in the Cloud

Sapphire has leading-edge experience placing Epic environments in Microsoft Azure. Moving your Epic infrastructure to Azure allows for flexible scalability, decreased capital expenditures and an extra layer of redundancy, all while utilizing the latest processors. We work to create Epic in Azure solutions on three different scales:

Full Infrastructure in Azure

Customers who fit the scale profile of Azure can move their entire Epic infrastructure to the cloud. This provides access to the inherent flexibility, reduced capital expenses, and improved efficiency provided by Azure. At the same time, your organization will be able to increase end user happiness by consistently utilizing the latest hardware to provide the best possible performance.

Disaster Recovery in Azure

A Disaster Recovery (DR) environment in Azure gives your organization access to a physical separate data center along with the cost and scalability benefits of cloud computing. Additionally, your team will gain expertise and confidence in managing Epic resources in Azure.

Partial Deployment to Azure

Organizations may opt to deploy certain Epic Infrastructure in Azure, such as their training environments. This provides a steppingstone to future migration of additional services to Azure. Your team will be able to meet the most pressing needs in a lower risk situation while simultaneously positioning for the future.

We provide planning, design and execution of Epic Cache and IRIS on Red Hat Linux for Epic systems. We build modern and scalable Epic Linux platforms according to best practices to ensure long term customer success.

We go way beyond advisory services because you deserve a partner that will do more than just tell you what you should do. From Epic environment strategy, license advisory, ODBA performance tuning, Ansible based automation, and Business Continuity, our goal is to deliver you a better managed and better running Epic Technical Environment.

Optimizing Epic and RHEL maintenance and configuration with Ansible and other automa­tion tools that simplify deployment, manage daily tasks and provide timely alerts.

Performance tuning the infrastructure, RHEL platform, Cache ODBA, and hyperspace appli­cation presentation to help meet honor-roll technical infrastructure requirements.

Ensuring uptime with best practice configu­ration for Epic Business Continuity, including optimal HA and DR with support for full DR activation testing with minimal user downtime to meet honor-roll requirements.

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