System Architect

Sapphire Health

Education: B.A., Stony Brook University. M.S. in Information Economics, University of Michigan

Certifications: Epic – Caboodle Administration, Clarity Administration, Operational Database Administrator, VMware: VCP, Nutanix: NCP – Multicloud Infrastructure

Will is most passionate about making sure IT systems work for people, instead of the other way around. With a decade of experience in scoping, designing, building, testing, and fixing large-scale enterprise systems, he is no stranger to social or technical complexity. As former lead of Impact Analysis at Epic and a performance specialist at Nutanix, Will has directed swift resolution to numerous performance and scalability escalations and led designs of new solutions to ensure the best outcome for scalability, performance, and reliability. Outside of work, Will likes to bang on a drum (Batucada) or wail cacophonously with others (Shape Note), grow and eat delicious food, and learn new things about economic and social systems.