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Design and build a robust business continuity and disaster recovery solution for your Epic platform

The resiliency of a healthcare organization’s Epic technical environment is paramount to uninterrupted clinical, business, and logistical operations. Planning, designing, implementing, and supporting a structure for robust business continuity can be a challenging undertaking.

Sapphire health has partnered with many organizations on every step of the process, including a focus on automation, to ensure uninterrupted access to clinical applications.

Service Overview & Highlights
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Process and Technology

A comprehensive Epic Business Resiliency strategy is more than a nice architecture diagram – it requires the process and coordination across technical and operational teams as well as thoughtfully designed and implemented technical infrastructure.

Sapphire Health will partner with you end to end to support you with both the process and technology required for Epic Business Resiliency.

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Any amount of downtime, planned or unplanned, presents clinical and business issues for your organization. Sapphire Health leverages proprietary automation technology to expedite the cutover process – we worked with one of our customers to set a long-standing record of fasted Epic DR cutover at 6 minutes and 9 seconds.

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Flexible Deployment Platform

On-prem? Cloud? Hybrid Cloud? Multi-Cloud? Sapphire has seen and worked with it all. We can also help you navigate your strategy when selecting a target platform for your DR environment.

Epic Honor Roll

Meeting Epic Honor Roll requirements are becoming less of a nice-to-have, and more of a requirement for healthcare IT executives running Epic.

Our experience on all things Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity will help you take care of Epic’s infrastructure requirements. From architecture, to organizing and performing a Disaster Recovery (DR) activation to creating the necessary documentation of your processes, we have your back in getting your business continuity requirements met.


Four core components of a successful business continuity and resiliency plan are:

  • Establishing a solution capable of successfully failing over the Epic instance in the primary infrastructure to the secondary infrastructure and fail back to primary while maintaining data sync.
  • Demonstrating the capability to run Epic production on secondary/DR infrastructure.
  • Demonstrating the capability to continue to provide processing for EHR operations and services within the defined failover window.
  • Demonstrating the capability to continue to provide accurate data, matching primary data center accuracy with minimal data lag, after a failover event.

Sapphire Health will architect an environment and establish policies and procedures that support a resilient Epic environment that meet the above core components. To achieve this, we focus on three areas of business resiliency:

  • Infrastructure Resiliency – the robust, resilient, and redundant infrastructure provided by either a robust on-prem infrastructure, or infrastructure in the cloud
  • Epic Environment Strategy – the development and deployment of redundant Epic infrastructure and data
  • Business Continuity and Resiliency Process – the processes and procedures both to test the Epic Disaster Recovery infrastructure, to cutover to the infrastructure when required, and to communicate to the business in both cases
Delivery Approach
Discover & Plan Phase

The discover and plan phase of the project will be used to establish the project cadence, establish functional workgroups to gather system information required to create the low – level work plans. This includes data collection for required system changes and identifying key tasks.

Design & Build Phase

The design and prepare phase will allow Sapphire Health and Customer to work on implementing system changes and comprehensive design and deployment of the on-prem or cloud infrastructure needed, as well as the deployment of the Epic ODB and client systems environments. We will develop the technical and operational procedures for the DR activation, and we will identify key risks and establish risk mitigation plans.

Execution Phase

The Execution phase involves a test run with limited test end users, as well as a production cutover to the DR environment with full end-user load.

Evaluation Phase

The Evaluation phase includes analyzing project outcome, including lessons learned and follow up caution plan for issues requiring remediation.

Why Partner with Sapphire
Fixed Times & Cost

Have confidence in timelines and cost – we are committed to strict adherence to both

Technical Experts

Our technical team of Epic infrastructure experts are fully certified and experienced with BC/DR Planning and Execution

Proven Results

Join Sapphire’s 100% referenceable customer base

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