We keep one foot in core IT technical expertise and one foot in Epic knowledge.

Epic Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We specialize in:

  • Design, implement and test the Business Continuity capabilities
  • Design and implementation of redundant Epic infrastructure
  • Planning and execution of DR Sanitation and DR Activation events
  • DR Activation with Cut-Over to Cut-Back command center support
  • Top %1 in Epic Disaster Recovery Cutover resulting in 6 minutes and 9 seconds of total user downtime


We specialize in:

  • Epic HA/DR configuration
  • Database mirroring
  • Epic AIX to Epic RedHat conversions
  • Consolidation of Epic instances

Implementations and Upgrades

We specialize in:

  • Epic systems design
  • Architecture
  • Capacity planning
  • Project planning
  • Rapid system deployment
  • Technical cut-overs

Managed Services

We specialize in:

  • Systems update management
  • Epic Cache database support
  • Epic security support
  • Epic Clarity reporting support
  • Epic hyperspace presentation platform support
  • All of the Epic client system servers, including Epic Mychart, System Pulse, and Kuiper servers


At Sapphire Health Consulting, we are fiercely committed to the success of every project. We provide:

New Epic infrastructure built from the ground up

At UMC-NO we provided rapid implementation within six months and were able to meet the strict hospital timelines

Database migration and system conversion from AIX to RedHat

Migrated and converted the Epic patient database at LSU on AIX UNIX to UMC-NO Epic system on RedHat Linux.

Epic system upgrades

We performed a transparent system upgrade from Epic 2014 to 2015 within three months, which included testing new upgrades as well as go-live and post go-live support

Epic application platform design and implementation

Architected the system infrastructure for LCMC Health system to serve as the Epic platform for all of their member hospitals.

On-going system support

We provide fully managed technical support for our clients.

Sapphire Health Consultants Planning Migration of Epic Software

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